Kristina Lewis

Barn Care Manager

I work here at Kolowa full time, caring and looking after the horses and help keep the barn kept up and clean! I own my own horse here as well named Riversong. She is a thoroughbred mare who loves to nicker at anyone who drives up to the barn and is always looking for someone to pet her!

I began riding at the age of 7 and got my own horse when I was 12. I loved running in the pasture or through the woods with my Arabian bareback. I never knew that horses would become a career at the time. I started showing 4-H when I was 15 in all disciplines. In my second year of 4-H, I had narrowed it down that I wanted to do either contesting, or dressage. While I still love the speed of contesting, my passion is in dressage. I have pursued dressage riding ever since.  I am aspiring to one day compete in the Olympics or Grand Prix.