Affinity Equestrian – Hosted Show Information

Show Schedule

We will begin hosting IEA shows beginning in the 2017/2018 season at Affinity Equestrian so stay tuned for additional event information.

About the IEA

IEA Competition Format
The unique aspect of the competitions, both at the local and national level, is that none of the riders will supply their own horses or tack. Instead, the host team arranges for the horses and equipment. Since the horse is new to the rider, the scores are based upon horsemanship and equitation. All disciplines offer a variety of ability levels from beginner through advanced. The IEA has set guidelines for the placement of new riders entering the IEA to allow for the unique program format of riding an unfamiliar horse.

Horse Show Expenses:

Full Day Care – $125/Day

  • Includes: Stall Cleaning, Coaching, Schooling Rides and/or lunging
  • **Only available when a groom is present
  • **Addition cost for groom itself will be billed in addition.

Partial Day Care – $100/Day

  • Includes: Stall Cleaning, Feeding, and Coaching
  • Owner Responsible for tacking and grooming
  • Schooling Rides Billed Separately

**If more than 2 competitors at any given show, a groom will be hired and will be billed at $125/day needed and split equally between all participants. **

Schooling Day – $50.00/day
Show Rides:

  • 100% Ridden and Shown by Trainer – $20/Class
  • Single Class Schooling Rides  -$20/Class
  • Owner/Leasor also responsible for cost of class itself
  • Schooling Rides at show Prior to show beginning  -$40 Each

Lunging (If Full day care is not obtained) – $20 Each
Horse Usage Fee (Including Schooling Day) – $50/Day

** If Kolowa Horse is wanted for use at a “Rated show” which requires a USEF or NSBA membership, that person will be responsible for the cost of the membership for the horse in addition to the horse usage fees.
Health Certificate by vet (For Kolowa Horse’s used at Rated Shows) – $40

Hotel if Applicable (During Winter Months) Divided Among Participants

  • Horse Trailer Accommodations – $75/night plus cost of camping spot Divided among Participants
  • Tack Stalls if Applicable Divided Among Participants
  • Hauling Dependent Upon Show/Shipper/and how many horses needing hauled – $1-$2.50 per mile
  • Mane Pulling – $25
  • Show Clipping (Ears, Nose, Bridle Path) – $25.
  • Trace Clipping by Kolowa – $100
  • Full Body by Kolowa – $225