Liz Williams

Assistant Trainer

Liz Landman Williams began riding at the age of 3 in Zionsville, IN. As a young child, she was competitive
at the regional shows on her pony Lucky and later her horse, Roman Law. She began giving lessons as a
teen and has been giving lessons ever since. During her time at college, she spent a summer and her
junior year in England, where she spent MUCH more time in the barn than in actual classes….but don’t
let her family know! I mean, going foxhunting on your favorite school master is an education too, right?

In England, she caught the dressage bug, and decided to focus on seat, balance, and contact in order to
further her conversations with the horses she rides. This led to eventually moving to New York, and
studying with Lendon Gray, an internationally acclaimed 2-time Olympian, who furthered her love for
dressage and instilled the importance of flat work, no matter what the discipline one chooses.

Liz made her way back to Indianapolis after riding in New York and Florida and teaching at uncountable
number of barns. While no longer actively competing, she is enjoying spending time working with
students and their horses and using the skills she has worked for decades to make her own.